Group Classes

Classes run for 5 consecutive weeks for approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. Indoor Classes are offered year round in the Upper N.E. Philadelphia area and Outdoor Classes are offered spring thru fall thru Northampton Parks and Rec as a subcontracted instructor. Puppies at least 9 weeks old and adult dogs of any age can benefit from these classes. NO dog is too old! You will learn cues that can be used around the house, as well as in public settings. Owners will learn how to prevent common behavioral problems such as house soiling, inappropriate chewing and digging, excessive barking and more. Together we teach your pup good canine manners.

A few of the topics covered in Basic Obedience

  • Relationship management
  • Position changes (sit, lie down, stand)
  • Leave it
  • Drop / Release
  • Recall (come)
  • Leash manners
  • Eye contact
  • Impulse Control
  • Mouthing / Biting
  • Greeting manners
  • Jumping
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Prep School

We can help you prepare for your new arrival before they’ve even arrived. You can also think of it as a guide to “what to expect when you are expecting: the canine edition”. Get the “doggie 411” before your new family member comes home. Whether you’re adding a puppy or a dog, we will come to your home prior to the arrival of your new addition to help you plan for the big day with tips on toys, treats, food and the basic necessities. We’ll also help you come up with a game plan – covering things like crate training, house training and basic training, to help get you off on the right foot right from the start.

Private Training

When group class schedules don’t accommodate your schedule or your furry friend might be overwhelmed in a group environment, don’t give up on training!  We can customize a training program that fits your schedule and your furry friend’s needs! Private training doesn’t have to just take place in your home. We can take field trips to parks, pet stores, the Vet’s office… just use your imagination!

Dog Walking

I offer dog walking locally in either 30 or 60 minute increments.  You can purchase one walk at a time or purchase a block of walks at a discounted price.  All walks are within a 3 mile radius of Bensalem. Help add miles/steps to my Fitbit!

  • Is your pup still being house trained and can’t make it an entire work day in his crate until you get home?
  • Does your pooch have too much energy after a full day home alone (Aaahhhh 😱)?
  • Do you have a jam packed day and just can’t get them out for a walk once home?
  • Do you have an older pet or a pet that’s on medication and they need a potty break before you can make it home?

Dog Training Club

Training is a lifelong process and to help make this easier on your wallet, I offer discounts for those clients who want to further their education.  Both private and group class clients can benefit from these discountsask for details.


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